About Daydream Lab

Started in October 2020, right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been all about bringing joy through engaging and interactive workshops.

Dive into the fun of making your own artisanal candles, cold process soaps, and perfumes with us!

And it doesn't stop there – we also offer a delightful range of beautifully crafted candles, scented soaps, and unique perfumes, all made with love and a passion for quality.

Our featured workshops!

2 hours of non-stop fun!

Bakery Candle Workshop

This summer, don't miss out on a unique and limited-time opportunity to craft your very own bakery candles.

Forget the molds—use just your hands to shape and design these delightful creations. In this hands-on workshop, you'll make 10 beautiful bakery candles that look good enough to eat, each one a unique masterpiece.

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Classic Soy Wax Container Candle Making Workshop

Introducing Our New Soy Container Candle Workshop! Crafted with pure soy wax for a clean, long-lasting burn. Choose your fragrance, customize colors, and take home two 250g candles. Join us for a 2-hour session and rediscover the joy of candle-making!

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在线课程:在线提供的课程,根据课程的不同,可以通过 1:1(最多 2 人)缩放直播或预先录制的视频。


阅读这里 课程预订政策和付款信息


我们的大部分产品都是定制的,这意味着没有库存。产品是单独手工制作的,预计交货时间为 7-14 天,具体取决于产品。加急订单将收取额外费用。



- 安全说明 肥皂蜡烛



About Our Studio

Address: Unit 100, 3851 Jacombs Road, Richmond, BC, V6V 2H7

We do not have a fixed operating hour. Please note that appointments are required for all visits (pick ups and workshops). Thank you!

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