Custom Order - Make it your way

It will be a unique gift and a special memory shared between you and your loved ones. You can always customise, and we aim to deliver the best experience to you.


What can be customised?

Cold Process Soap:

  • Recipe (for facial wash? ultra sensitive skin?etc. )
  • Scent (a selection of wonderful smells)
  • Pattern (either choose patterns we have or send us one of your amazing ideas so we try our best to realise it for you)
  • Stamping (You can choose from our current soap stamps or have your wedding date or your lover's name stamped on soaps. Not a problem!)

How far in advance do I need to submit a custom order request?

Considering the 1 month curing process,

  • For quantities ≥30, at least 2 months in advance
  • For quantities <30, at least 45 days in advance.
  • Cold process soaps need to be cured for at least one month before use

If you do not mind the 1-month long curing process and prefer to cure them yourselves, submit a custom order at least 3 weeks in advance.

Minimum order quantity:

8, that's the quantity we make per batch using our loaf mold.


Please fill in the form to let us know your preference.

  • Cold Process Soap Custom Order Form: coming soon


We will Email you back with a quote and a proposal for your custom order.